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2010. The mechanics of climate change: some comments on a sidebar article in Amstat News. (Vanward Statistics website)

2009. Numerology and presidential birth dates. (Vanward Statistics website)

2006. Study of the occurrence of venus conjunct the south node in my family. (Sent to siblings and cousins.)

2006. Analysis of an attendance survey taken by Recovery, Inc., in the fall of 2005. (Given to Recovery, Inc., now Recovery International.)

2004. Study of the astrological placements of poets, using AstroDataBank. (Given to the International Society for Astrological Research as part of an application for the position of research director.)


A talk on the normal and chi square distributions and the use of the distributions in the AIR software program, Fast Research. Online, for the AstroInvestigators research group, 2009

A talk on the decennial census, given to grade schoolers. Stratford Community School, Stratford, Iowa, 2009

A talk on working with nonresponse in surveys. Iowa Staters seminar, Iowa State University Statistics Department, Ames, 1993(?)

"Variance Estimation for Samples with Random Imputation." American Statistical Association's Joint Meetings, Boston, 1992

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