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Statistics is the science of making decisions under uncertainty. Vanward Statistics offers statistical services to businesses, doctoral students, the general public, and to researchers in various fields.

You get help in the modeling and analysis of count data; also fitting linear regression models, including logistic regression, log linear models, and time series models.

As well as statistical modeling, you can get descriptive statistics and data in a visual or summarized form.

Dr. Tollefson has over 20 years experience in technical and scientific fields. Her Ph.D. and M.S. in statistics are from Iowa State University and her B.A. in physics is from Reed College. She, also, has taken several courses in economics, both from Harvard University's extension college and, at the graduate level, from Iowa State University. Dr. Tollefson's dissertation was on the problem of nonresponse in survey samples.

Dr. Tollefson charges a very reasonable hourly rate. She sometimes does pro bono work - such as a short talk on the census given to the grade schoolers in Stratford before the 2010 census (click for the Census Talk power point slides).

Vanward Statistics was opened on September 14, 2013, in Stratford, Iowa.

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